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Training Mask KJ20

25.000 KD

Vendor: Sigma Fit


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Sigma Fit’s training mask gives you the chance to strengthen your respiratory muscles as you work out.

When you exercise with the mask on, your red blood cells increase because you’ll be exerting effort with low oxygen. All of which forces your respiratory muscles to do double the work as a result of the resistance added to the breathing process when the air supply is limited. 

Boost your stamina with the Sigma Fit KJ20 training mask. Our high-quality training mask is the most efficient for high altitude training, respiratory quality, and achieving fast results.



  • Increases lung capacity
  • Improves endurance
  • Expand aerobic threshold and V02 Max Heart Rate
  • Makes you work harder, leading to stronger respiratory muscles
  • Receive great results from high intensity workouts
  • High altitude training
  • 4 different levels to restrict oxygen flow
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