The Cooling Towel – Sigma Fit

The Cooling Towel

4.000 KD

Vendor: Sigma Fit


Sky blue
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  • Made from breathable, high-tech performance fabric that cools down as soon as it gets wet either by sweat or water
  • Remains cool for around 2 hours
  • Doesn’t require refrigeration as its cooling properties are reactivated when the towel is wrung out
  • Designed to fit all activities (whether outdoors or indoors)
  • Can be washed in washing machines without losing its cooling feature (reusable)
  • Retains water so that it doesn’t soak clothes
  • Its cooling process doesn’t take time as the towel’s temperature drops by 30° instantly once soaked in water
  • Chemical-free and eco-friendly
  • Dimensions 30*80 CM
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